Beza for Generation

We started near to the home of the founder by paying attention while children play football, making artistic shows and discussion about their concerns in 2001. We named this movement “ AdisTesfa “ which means ‘ new hope’ . We brought them shirt, shorts, balls, trainers, coordinators,awards and helped them to read books to make drama , circus , poetry , songs  and magazines.

Our effort beard fruits immediately and has got the recognition of the community, government and NGOs. As a result we abled to provide library services, musical training and regular Saturday shows, debating forums, in-door games, counseling services and OVC support.

In 2008 the overwhelming effect of HIV/AIDS started to be felt in Yirgalem and its surrounding. This helped us to conceive Beza youth health and counseling center with the help of Sidama zone health department, Dale Wereda health office, NCA (Norwegian church aid) and OSSA (Organization social service for aids).

In those days we focused on young peoples’ sexual reproductive health both within and out of school.  Later on we stretched the program to community development and women empowerment . In2015Beza was registered as Beza for generation (B4G) at federal charity agency and engaged in integrated health and income enhancement activities.

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What is Special about Beza

Strives to build strong, responsible and responsive organization.

  •   Work with stakeholders in cultural contexts of the community
  •   High spirit of volunteerism  from the very inception ,
  •   Use arts bring members together and to mobilize people. 
  •   Create a place where young people discover themselves and build up on it.
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Land Marks of Beza

Formally began in 2001 Registered as regional association by the name Beza youth health and counseling center..

  • Since 2001 with art and social activities created footballers  and  artists and philanthropists at a country .I
  • In 2008 and 2009  won both regional and federal level award of “ young hero “. 
  • In 2009 Introduced community based services (CBS) through coffee ceremony  to avoid harmful traditional practices 

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