B4G Vision

Aspire to see good natured healthy wealthy generation

B4G Mission

To empower youth, women and marginalized people at all levels of society to be full partners in development

B4G objective

Improving access to health, education and opportunities to increase household income

Beza for Generation

Our love is to bring back the honor of human being

We started near to the home of the founder by paying attention while children play football, making artistic shows and discussion in 2001. We named this movement “ AdisTesfa “ which means ‘ new hope’ . We brought them shirt, shorts, balls, trainers, coordinators,awards and helped them to read books to make drama , circus , poetry , songs and magazines.

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What is Special about Beza

Strives to build strong, responsible and responsive organization.

  •   Work with stakeholders in cultural contexts of the community
  •   High spirit of volunteerism  from the very inception ,
  •   Use arts bring members together and to mobilize people. 
  •   Create a place where young people discover themselves and build up on it.
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Land Marks of Beza

Formally began in 2001 Registered as regional association by the name Beza youth health and counseling center..

  • Since 2001 with art and social activities created footballers  and  artists and philanthropists at a country .I
  • In 2008 and 2009  won both regional and federal level award of “ young hero “. 
  • In 2009 Introduced community based services (CBS) through coffee ceremony  to avoid harmful traditional practices 

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Waiting houses built


Happy Clients


Screening for cervical cancer


Self-help saving groups

How we work

B4G uses multi-sectorial approach to ensure its objectives are achieved in sustainable manner

15 + Years Journey

After preregistered as federal resident charity organization at the end of 2015 a lot of things have already been achieved by the operation and intervention of Beza in the last 15+ years. We have achieved success in areas of:

  • Youth Development
  • Women Empowerment
  • OVC and family development
  • Community mobilization
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Partnerships & Stakeholders

B4G Believe full involvement of stakeholders is critical to achieve its mission, and involve partners at all levels and all steps of its programs , such as problem identification, options appraisal, design, implementation and monitoring evaluation .

  • Health Centers

    Health insurance and support 67 ve+ family heads.

  • Small And Micro Enterprises

    Income generating activity

  • Education Office

    Educational services for 24 ve+ children & 31 OVC

  • Religious Organizations

    Spiritual counseling for ART adherence.

  • "Iddirs"

    Home to home care.

  • Community Facilitators

    Community based Monitoring & mentoring.


    Capacity building and other supports


    Partnering with BEZA to achieve its objectives.


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